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animabaya ([personal profile] animabaya) wrote2012-06-24 07:00 pm
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Obligatory Introduction

So, yeah.

I made a dreamwidth account because, well, I have really no good reason at all other than the fact that I have a few hours to spare and I'm to lazy to go the hell downstairs and start a new game of Final Fantasy 13-2.

Most likely, I'll be using this journal more now than my LJ one if Dreamwidth treats me right. So My plans for this journal is to use this as a Master journal for all my nerdy fan-stuff such as my podfics (expect my Master list of Podfics really soon) as well as a place to generally write about....stuff.

I don't know.

If you really want to see me geek out check my Tumblr. I'm redsilkthread.